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Our achievements & Our projects

Community project

Since January 2019 the orphanage has been providing day care for the neighborhood children. The objective of this project was to offer a place of entertainment, listening, psycho-social support, and educational activities. For more than a year we have welcomed around forty children and have offered a multitude of activities such as outings, reading workshops, sports activities, playful awareness-raising activities about hygiene and health ... These children are mostly in school and therefore come to spend Wednesdays and Saturdays at the center.


The NGO OHANA allows the children of the orphanage to be educated since the start of the 2018 school year. One of our children is in a specialized school in order to best meet his learning and development difficulties. At the same time, the educational team is mobilized on a daily basis, setting up activities for awakening, motor skills...etc for the youngest ones.



The NGO OHANA has also focused on providing balanced meals with local products through the establishment of menus, renewed quarterly, adapted to the needs of our children. The orphanage can currently offer 4 meals per day prepared by a cook.

Health & Hygiene

Among the missions of OHANA, health is a central one. The children of the orphanage are closely monitored; vaccinations, weight and height monitoring, medical care when necessary, provision of a small infirmary, taking preventive drugs such as anti-malaria, deworming and specialist consultation (psychologist, speech therapist, pediatrician...). Added to this we organize prevention campaigns with families in the neighborhood, we set up training for personnel such as first aid, nutrition or hygiene standards in communities.

Socio-educational support

The entire orphanage team is mobilized to set up activities that change every week. We try to vary the activities so that our children can develop their creativity, their curiosity, their motor and cognitive faculties. All this work makes it possible to establish personalized projects for the good development of each child.

The NGO OHANA also tries, as often as possible, to organize educational outings, like the turtle release last February.

One of OHANA's main missions is to allow each child to grow and flourish by setting a creative and adapted environment for their development.

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