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To our sponsors without whom all this work would not be possible; their love, their loyalty and their support for years, allow our children, among other things, to go to school, to look after themselves and to have 4 meals a day. We are infinitely grateful to them!


Since the opening of the center, many people have helped us, in Benin and abroad. People have collected clothing, school supplies, food… All kinds of donations that have significantly improved the daily lives of our children. To all of these people, we again extend a big thank you for these precious gifts.

Visitors, interns, volunteers

The NGO had the privilege of being able to welcome its first interns and / or volunteers recently. Very enriching moments both for them and for us.

We would like to especially thank those who have become loyal friends of OHANA and who regularly come to spend time with the children.

Finally, we would like to stress the fact that we will continue to welcome with great pleasure people who wish to invest their time by our side, to discover our universe, to share an experience.