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Who we are.

OHANA's mission is to help orphaned and vulnerable children in Benin.

OHANA is an independent organization, without ethnic, political or ideological character. Its main objective is to promote social balance and a new synergy of actions of solidarity towards orphaned and vulnerable children and children deprived of families.


The idea of ​​creating a non-profit to help children was thought up by a Franco-Beninese team. We were a group working in the health and social sector and we wanted to combine our skills to set up a project around child protection. Our priority is to provide comprehensive care for orphans and abandoned children, especially the youngest (0-5 years old). We believe that the most important thing for a child is to be surrounded by a family, which is why we work to maintain the link and allow a family reintegration. This is broadly how the NGO Ohana was officially born in January 2018.

Ohana means family and this word comes from a cartoon that traces the life of a character abandoned and taken in by a little girl who will take care of him, protect him and love him despite their differences.


Our president

Manon Causse arrived in Benin in 2016. She immediately found herself in her place and having always wanted to create a structure to respond to the issue of child protection, she launched and created, in 2017, the NGO OHANA. Quickly and with the help of a Beninese team that she created, Manon rents premises and begins to create a small nest to welcome their first child, at the beginning of 2018. She has been there since and manages all these small people (team, children, administrations, projects…).

Our director

Marie Favre, a specialized educator by training, passionate about Africa for several years and always ready to take up major challenges, decides to join the Ohana family in 2020. Extremely invested in working with children, Manon decides to appoint her director in complete confidence.

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